Policy About Filariasis (WHO)

kuman filasiasis


Country Issues and Challenges :
Filariasis infection and transmission is endemic in many areas without adequate control activities. Pilot projects for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ELF) show encouraging results which need to be scaled up to provincial level, in line with the commitment to global elimination targets (Mekhong Plus). Dengue infection and its complications such as dengue hemorrhagic fever continue to increase in urban and periurban areas with increasing morbidity but encouragingly low mortality. Community participation and networking (COMBI) are needed to begin to control the transmission of dengue (esp. urban) and filariasis (esp. rural). Leptospirosis remains a serious although underreported threat. Rabies and Japanese encephalitis (JE) are serious focal problems that require support of the government system to strengthen control and vaccine prevention. Yaws and leprosy are treatable communicable diseases, but with serious focal transmission in poor, remote, underserved rural areas, which require strengthened awareness and support of the local government as well as the regional level. Helminthiasis is highly prevalent, highly endemic with serious chronic health effects that can be largely alleviated through sustained and recurrent mass deworming, which should be coordinated with ELF treatment wherever feasible.

Expected Contribution :

  • Increase and sustain the quality of selected components and the areas covered by national programs to prevent, control, and eliminate targeted diseases, including Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ELF), COMBI for dengue control and other arboviruses, anti-helminthiasis deworming, leptospirosis, rabies, yaws and leprosy.
  • For further information click: http://www.who. or.id


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