Women’s History Month

Together let’s make some history for women worldwide. Be sure to follow GAA on twitter @c2epa and check out our blog to find out what you can do to make violence against women history. Below please find a collection of fact sheets, press and an action that can help make violence history.
Take Action

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) has been introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives. The bill, which was also introduced in the House and the Senate during the last Congress, has been reintroduced by 25 Senators and by 25 Representatives from both sides of the aisle. We now have a new opportunity to build support for the I-VAWA and make a difference in millions of women’s lives.

Violence against women is a human rights violation and a worldwide pandemic – approximately 1 out of every 3 women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime increasing her exposure to HIV/AIDS. I-VAWA supports innovative approaches to ending violence against women globally by promoting services for survivors, holding perpetrators accountable and challenging public attitudes that condone such violence.

Show your support for the original cosponsoring Senators and Representatives commitment to women’s rights by urging your Senator and/or Representative to cosponsor International Violence Against Women Act. Begin reaching out now – ask your Senator and/or Representative to cosponsor I-VAWA. Take action at: http://www.globalaidsalliance.org/page/speakout/IVAWAIntroductio.

Look at what the passage of I-VAWA would mean to women around the world:

* Increased efforts to prevent violence against women during conflict and in humanitarian settings
* Legal reform and commitment to finding perpetrators and bringing them to justice
* Strengthened capacity of women’s organizations to help survivors
* Increased opportunities for women, free from violence, to seek testing or treatment for HIV/AIDS
* Expanded economic and educational opportunities that would help women who are abused flee their abuser or reduce their risk for sexual exploitation

Speak out against the horrors women suffer around the world. Urge your Senator and/or Representative to cosponsor International Violence against Women Act. Take action now at http://www.globalaidsalliance.org/page/speakout/IVAWAIntroductio.
Press, Blogs, and Multimedia

* UN project launches campaign focusing on women, CNN, March 8, 2010
* Empowering Women: Taking the Fight Global, The Huffington Post, March 8, 2010
* Three Proven Steps to Advance the World’s Women, on International Women’s Day, The New York Times, March 8, 2010
* Strength from Women, The Armenian Weekly, March 8, 2010
* Violence against women demands action, The Baltimore Sun, February 19, 2010
* US lawmakers target global violence against women, AFP, February 4, 2010
* International Violence Against Women Act Reintroduced in Congress, Ms. Magazine, February 4, 2010
* International Violence Against Women Act Addresses the War Against Women, RH Reality Check, February 4, 2010
* Protection for women a top foreign policy priority, Politico, February 4, 2010
* Let’s End Violence against Women, YouTube, October 1, 2009

Fact Sheets

* International Violence Against Women Act
* Violence Against Women and Girls and HIV/AIDS

Thanks for all you do

Sourches: Mary Peterson from Global AIDS Alliance


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