The moon is pretty unique. If at the international level this month called “Women’s History Month”, which if we look more deeply, ranging scope of the exploitation of various aspects of air

There are organizations, namely: I-VAWA, The International Violence Against Women Act. According to data from these activities that 1 in 3 women in the world have experienced violence, sexual coercion, or other crimes during the course of his life.

But wait, before you turn. Apparently there are still many things that are debated by various groups of illegitimate HALAL OR HARAM of  SMOKING, AND INFLUENCE OF PREVENTION circumcision HIV / AIDS, and many other things.

Did you ever think that sometimes we are exploiting ourselves. Think about it and watch our gestures all the time or even all of our memories. If I can blend in with that effort, what we do is an expression of malignancy  us in exploiting this life. Feel great without any other intervention, not one of the attitude that we are forced to act alone. While more harmony and beauty radiates from a cooperation and strengthen complementarity.

At this point, much more simple if we agree on WordPress: “The important thing is don’t to exploit the PEOPLE or HUMAN , by making the interest is still debated as a shield”. ok


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