PARUNGPONTENG SUE: Corruptor and result corruption

Something I want to come up with us about the perspective of the corruptor with the result of corruption. Because of how different when we understand the different things that it has initiated the design of a corrupt life by trying to keep all his worldly desires with acts of corruption. Perhaps you are a little frown, what exactly is the mechanism by which the ongoing rush?

Simple, very simple! I tried to analyze it by thrusting the atmosphere in psyche, as follows:

  1. A wealth of criminals who dredge the State has so much money saved. Somehow of the way which important in theirthinks that these funds are unknown or are not touched by other people who they consider to be disadvantageous both from financial and legal aspects. This course is conducted by way of primitive humans throughout history. Save some money (the result of corruption) in its original form to a place or a very primitive manner, as in the ground, under pillows, or even in the cabinet as possible.

This is where the passions struggle began in turmoil, because a corrupt person must have been very understanding that store a certain number of funds in the form so it is not profitable. Would not like to buy some stock or slightly profitable form of investment under normal conditions in this era. Could even be physically damaged or expired because its circulation has been limited by the State financial authority (Bank of Indonesia).. An important struggle, where common sense must be defeated so easily by the primitive nature of human beings (PRIMITISER). What should we say to this, or there is amongst us try to give advice to avoid it?. How  to hand them out to family, colleagues, and to the organizers of charity! I still put in the same primitive type. Because it is also still in the storage method that ignores the funding principles of profitable investments. Except if we want to say a charitable act also smeared by the depravity.

2. Some money, property, assets, or the like as a result of corruption, which by the corruptor or family, or colleagues who are involved will want to enjoy the results of these efforts. Was it just to be stored or used as garnish eyes furtively? Yes, of course not! Recurrent desire to ensure that the corrupt intent as background to do the deed. Various evidence at the time of arrest of criminals instead of corruption used to purchase some luxury goods such as cars, houses or apartments, land, and a number of other assets. I really want to say that the corrupt are those who are very able to live in simplicity in the midst of abundant wealth! A battle is very fierce passions with the ownership of property while the abundance can only be enjoyed with a simplicity that is very painful! I  gave the term: “SIMPLISER”. Really! Lonely life amid noisy uproar temptation lust, wealth, and other imagination. The Simplicity  longer faces made to appear like a queen with a fair. Shown as a half- perfectly man with the words of wisdom and of opposition to tyranny and even corruption, collusion and nepotism.

3. What about the mental condition of the family, colleagues, or their friends who know and understand and even participate to receive the result of corruption from the corrupt? They are certainly similar to the condition of the corruptor, Primitisasi and Simplisasi be not the best way that they are forced to do. They are in an extremely fragile tissue and appear among them a fundamental message to remind each other to be always vigilant, always keeping the behavior or actions that might invite suspicion those who harm them. dvisor Under these conditions created a fabric of love that I want to mention the term: “LOVITISER”. A love that is wrapped with the perspective of fidelity to each other to maintain and fortify themselves from attacks KPK and other anti-corruption network.

4. The situation now is if one of them have actually been proved and the verdict as a corruptor with a variety of classes. How the fate of their large family. This is where the big exam! A corrupt person is in a very risky crossing. Why not, the assets which are collected with joy must be submitted with grief as well. Inner struggle will continue raging in their minds. How should to responsibility the act that involved and enjoyed by many parties to bear their own temporary? To be offering or choose to become a fruitful return honesty to the  disaster situation. How can calm in uncertain conditions, or in this emergency situation? Do not forget that sometimes a person in a particular situation or colleague escorted consciously or not to participate in enjoying the result of corruption from the corrupt. Sooner or later they will concious and certainly like trapped in a situation that I mentioned earlier: PRIMITISER, SIMPLISER, AND LOVITISER. But wait! Before that, I am sorry for the last description of the term also has a sad, yes “DEHUMANISER”.

5. So the people who fall into corrupt faction of course be in a very sad situation! (HUMANISER) Let’s bring them together to get back into a respectable human being (HUMANISER)

Written by Syarhan,MD (Founder and bulider of IF

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