When was the last you enjoy  yoursofa in  house, enjoying the warmth and joy together with your family? Experiencing the beauty of a smile or cry of a spoiled child? Or just a short greeting that was so beautiful and delicious with a neighbor. Taste the natural musicality that struck in the middle of the night silence. A great revolution that continues to run during the life of a human child began to search, collect, and use all means to satisfy their needs, feels like walking softly like when we put air into our lungs. Even so much fun to the point that we almost forget that a lot of beautiful moments are missed because of a desire to gain more wealth.

After all achieved at a certain point, seem increasingly less to own. All means continue to be taken to prove to myself and passion to something that continues to tempt to accumulate wealth-stacked. Peak, why should there be rules made by humans on behalf of the people to manage this life! The corruptor convince himself that fortune was coming toward him. He will not dodge because it’s time to launch an act of conscience even have to cry to let it prevail. So the corruption was not only against the law that created the world and akherat handful of humans on an agreement which is said to represent the people, but also against the humanity of the eternal in every human.
And what about that already do this? Why must repent and be judged the next enjoying a small room called a prison for us who are outside? I must say that even if the criminals are not touched by any law in this world, they should be included in this category surrendered corruptor and welcomed with open hearts to take responsibility for any consequences of their deeds. Because this is the most sensible way, why?
Back! I want to repeat it “Return”. Haste back! Man must return to the place that is actually enjoying the smiles of our family, enjoying the corners of our own homes is actually a simple work of great value, close to the breadth of our conscience. Punishment is no longer the result because he returned the humanitarian side contaminated by their own deeds. Enjoy! Because this second chance will make the light that had illuminated the road was blocked again dispersed.

Invitation, for a longer Corruptor actually enjoy their own punishment, and for those who have not and probably will not reveal his actions by our law enforcement agencies, to prison yourself up to all the faults turned into purification. Because criminals are also a normal human, very normal, and in this country bergetantayangan everywhere. So many blessings that Allah SWT give but why still we take and seize the rights of others that do not necessarily can we enjoy in peace. A small struggle to appease, but part of the normality of a human child to live in balance. Hopefully!

Written by H. Syarhan,MD


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