Parungponteng sue

I would like to quote a statement that many admired and idolized by certain circles in our beloved country that has been published by several national and international media:
“America Will Never Be At War With Islam”
This is a series of words that are very piercing sense of conscience. Imagine how someone who considers himself great and make some people so fascinated by the heart to compare the religion of the sky that conferred by the Creator, the Almighty Everything is compared to a country that calls itself a superpower built by a group of people with ideology, the agreement (which was subsequently called “Democracy “), and the thoughts that are based on mere worldly needs? Is not within a country can have a variety of religious teachings sky? Almost in all major countries today more people have embraced the universal sky. So comparing the existence of religion by a state is tantamount to herding communities who profess the same religion as the enemy called the State to be secular! Very dangerous! And it’s like a fire in the hull, we can only wait for the destruction caused by their own behavior. Because “A crime inherently contains its own destruction, without having to be faced with violence. So the spirit to do good is more than enough like a dark cast to give space to the light! “.

If religion sky compared with other heavenly religions (the author himself believes that the sky is only one religion that comes from the Almighty Allah, while we understand now there is a difference apostle or name just a limitation of the validity period of this world alone), p. is still within the bounds of reasonableness.

Indeed, greeting someone is partly a reflection or expression of his heart. If the talking someone who represents a country then he seemed to have represented the perception of society. We have been able and accustomed to seeing how an ideology has been so intense and bright on enter into the minds of our people. So beware, stay in a shared commitment, “Achieve universal religious civil society. Amin … Ya Allah.



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