” Dear Colleagues “

At our last World Council Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, in May 2010, Council unanimously approved the creation of “World Family Doctor Day” and it was officially launched on 19 May 2010 by the Wonca President in the opening session of the Wonca World Conference in Cancun.

Wonca, as the international organization for family doctors and recognised by the World Health Organization, will name a day each year as World Family Doctor Day and encourage its regions and member organizations to acknowledge this day in their own special way.

I would be grateful if you could forward the activities or events that your organization has planned to commemorate this year’s World Family Doctor Day on 19 May 2011 to the Wonca World Secretariat by email admin@wonca.com.sg I would then like to share and publish your news and activities with the wider ‘Wonca family’ via the Wonca website www.GlobalFamilyDoctor.com and Wonca News.

World Family Doctor Day provides the opportunity to celebrate the role of the Family Doctor/General Practitioner in health care systems around the world. Not restricted to doctors alone, their families, their patients and their other colleagues in family medicine/general practice would also be encouraged to take part. It will open up many opportunities to highlight the important contributions of family doctors globally.

Most importantly, World Family Doctor Day will provide recognition to family doctors and hopefully lead to increased morale, as well as the opportunity to highlight important issues relating to family doctors and the work we perform in supporting health care for all people in our local communities, our nations and around the world.

The day will create an atmosphere of solidarity among family doctors globally and it will be a positive and visible contribution of Wonca’s leadership and contribution to family medicine.

I look forward to receiving information by 25 April 2011 on your planned activities to celebrate and commemorate World Family Doctor Day on 19 May 2011 so that we can collate them for publication on the Wonca website and in the next issue (May-June) of Wonca News.

With good wishes

Dr Alfred W T Loh


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