Hand Print Actions (Act Now)-Youth Climate

Reduce CO 2
25 tips to make a survivor’s guide on what you can do to help bring down Carbon dioxide

• Change your bulbs replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
• Use solar devices to heat water for bathing.
• Construct green building – If you are planning to build a house or an office complex, hire an architect who could work out ways to optimize the use of energy.
• Turn computers off when not in use.
• Switch off the lights while sleeping or when office shuts down.
• Conserve water use sprinklers or drip-irrigation devices for watering your lawns or growing crops.
• Check your tyres, maintaining the right degree of pressure in car and motorcycle tyres improves on mileage considerably and saves fuel.
• Buy energy-efficient appliances.
• Prepare for disaster.
• Buy fuel–efficient cars.
• Walk, don’t drive. If you have to buy a packet of chips, don’t drive to the store next door – talk a walk. If your must drive, combine a lot of chores.
• Reduce Air travel. If you have the option of getting work done over the phone or e-mail, then go ahead. It would save you money and the world a whole lot of carbon    emissions.
• Turn the geyser off after a bath so that water is heated only when you need it. Also, good quality shower heads ensure the flow of water is low but efficient.
• Consume less in number. we are not expecting you to turn a yogi but there is no need to go to the other extreme either. When you are about to buy something, ask yourself    whether you really need it.

• Turn the tap off while soaping your face or shaving. Don’t let the water flow unnecessarily.
• Recycle
• Switch to wind power. If you are setting up a factory in an SEZ or living in a small town, you could champion the case for installing windmills for most of the electricity    generated for use.
• Shun plastic bags, Carry reusable tote while shopping. It will help reduce emissions from decaying plastic bags in landfills.

• Use Public transport. Don’t drive down to the office. Take a metro instead. Push the government to improve public transport facilities – it needs goading.
• Save paper. If you want to convey something to your friend, do it over the phone or
e-mail. Thousands of trees would be saved.

• Rationalise price of electricity. Haul up politicians for indulging in populism and educate villagers on the virtues.

• Switch to Bio-fuels, start looking seriously at cars that run on alternative fuels.
• Demand clean Tech. Get the government to persist on developed countries to sell clean technology to India cheap so that we can cut down on our emissions without    paying a heavy price for research and development.
• Grow More Trees. Trees are the best sinks for Carbon dioxide.
• Let others know you may be conserving the natural resources but if your neighbour isn’t, you are still a goner. Educate others.



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