Newborn and Baby Photography Tips

This is an area of photography that is in high demand. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the essence of a child. You just have to have a lot of patience and energy. Here are some newborn and baby photography tips that I hope are helpful!
Newborn babies are best photographed right away, in the first two weeks is ideal. They are easier to pose and to capture the sleeping baby.
You should remind parents to bring plenty of extra bottles and diapers. Be patient and try to schedule the newborns session when it has a full tummy and is content.
Bring extra outfits, blankets, and favorite toys to use in pictures. The clothing should be colors that compliment the skin tone of the baby. It is better to stay away from bright and busy patterns.
You want the parents to be happy with their pictures so if the baby is not cooperating it is best to reschedule the session.
Parents should stay calm and try to avoid any anxiety; the baby will pick up on this.
Have some noise makers and toys on hand to get the babies attention and hopefully some smiles!
You can use tricks to hide the baby’s diaper or have some pads handy to avoid messes if you choose to do some shots without a diaper.
There are so many different way to shoot newborns and babies. It is beautiful to just isolate one part of the baby’s body and shoot it in macro mode. For example a foot or the baby’s hand grasping the mothers or fathers finger.
I love the simplicity of black and white newborn photos, or maybe wrap them in a solid bright colored textured blanket. Angles are a challenge for newborns. It’s best to get down on their level, or have someone hold them swaddled sitting up or over the shoulder. Close ups of the face is always a good way to capture more intimate shots.
Sometimes babies are frightened and annoyed by having the lens too close to their face, so I find that a long range lens this is another tip for photographing newborns and babies that can come in handy.
Digital photo editing is nice to erase the scratches and blemishes of a newborn. I also like to remove the color to black and white or play with the saturation.
The main thing to remember is to be patient and have fun. To be successful you have to be understanding and be willing to reschedule if necessary. Once again communicate with your clients to get a feel for what they are expecting. Each photographer has his or her own style. You will want to have examples of your work to show them so they can get a better idea of what to expect. I hope these newborn and baby photography tips are helpful!


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