East Africa Appeal

Children in East Africa are facing starvation as the crisis continues. In some areas, a child is dying every 6 minutes. We are on the ground getting life-saving aid to children in desperate need. But we urgently need your support to reach more children and save more lives. Please help us.

Thank you for your donations so far. Watch how they are transformed into life-saving aid for the children of East Africa.

Please donate to our East Africa Appeal

Flooding brings new agony

The onset of rains in Somalia has brought even more hardship to those already suffering the most with severe flooding hitting the camps of Mogadishu.

Read Catherine Carter’s moving blogs from Somalia about the human misery and loss brought by the rains.

Save the Children is on the ground saving lives.

But millions of children need help and we urgently need more funds to reach them. We welcome all types of donations including Zakat.

Our response
Find out what we’re doing on the ground in East Africa to save children’s lives right now.

Why is this happening?
Find out why the failure of rains has led to desperation and hunger for millions in East Africa.
The longer term
How we’re working in East Africa to prevent emergencies like this happening in the future.

Death and desperation in Daadab
Our chief executive on what he witnessed on a visit to the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya.


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