The WONCA Jeju 2012 Declaration on Family Medicine Enhancement

The 19th Wonca Asia Pacific regional conference was held from May 24–27, 2012, in Jeju, South Korea. The theme
was “Clinical Excellence in Family Medicine: Evidence-based Approach in Primary Care. Observing the needs and
support required for enhancing Family Medicine of each country in this region, on May 23 2012, the Wonca Asia
Pacific Council formulated and released this Declaration of Jeju and called for all member organisations to act on this
Asia Pacific is a region of diversity: cultural differences, state of maturity in Family Medicine development, and
structures of health care.
Plan of action
There is a need to collaborate to take advantage of the diversity across the member organizations and work together
as a region on actionable plans focusing on clinical practice, research, and medical education to realize the vision of
enhancing family medicine .
Vision of family medicine enhancement
• Agreed to training family physicians in the seven roles of:
o family medicine expert in primary, personal, preventive, comprehensive, continuing, and co-ordinated
o communicator
o collaborator
o advocate /leader
o manager
o medical professional,
o researcher and teacher
• Agreed to training of family physicians in the six core competencies :
o relevant medical knowledge,
o problem-based learning and improvement
o medical practice
o system-based practice
o professionalism
o interpersonal communication skills
• Allow learning from the diverse, old and young countries in our region where there are many models of family
• Contribute to the development of new structures to support high quality primary health care with ideas from the
future family medicine workforce.
• Develop global disaster response teams for immediate deployment as part of corporate social responsibility and
advocacy role of family physicians.
• Organise research as the means to develop, consolidate and disseminate new knowledge in the development of
the vision of Family Medicine and capacity building through
o Training in evidence based medicine in its application to health care
o Training in medical writing
o Training in writing a clinical review
o Training in doing original research.
Call for action
A call is made to all WONCA Asia Pacific member organizations to develop and implement the actionable activities
with family physicians collaborating with health care providers, training providers, and the government to achieve the
vision of Family Medicine enhancement enunciated in this Declaration .
Released by the WONCA Asia Pacific region council at Jeju, South Korea, on May 23, 2012.


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