Iran Religious Tours


For many, traveling abroad is a spiritual experience visiting magnificent cathedrals, ancient temples and other historic religious sites can have a profound effect on anyone that encounters them.

In response, escorted travel companies have introduced specific itineraries that focus on the Holy Land, biblical sites, Catholic cathedrals and Iranian shrines. Sarvineh Parvaz, a pioneer in escorted travel since 1973. It has steadily increased its religious vacation offerings and now boasts dozens of departure dates throughout the year.

What to Expect on a Religious Tour

Faith-based tours aren’t all religion, all of the time. On a one- to two-week itinerary, you can expect several sightseeing visits to spiritual sites, accompanied by expert commentary from your tour director or local guides. But you’ll also enjoy traditional sightseeing, as well.

You’ll also enjoy plenty of free time for exploration on your own. Stops for shopping at popular markets may be included, and you’ll probably enjoy at least one festive dinner with entertainment on your tour. Carefully review the day-by-day itinerary, as well as What’s Included, so you’ll know exactly what to expect each day of your tour.

Naturally, other travelers on your faith-based trip likely have similar spiritual interests. That can lead to many interesting conversations over group meals, during sightseeing visits and while you’re traveling together by motorcoach. Many travelers cite the fellowship and new friends they make on religious trips as one of the highlights of their vacation.

Introducing Iran

Naghsh e Rostam
A journey to Iran is a chance to peel away the layers of a country with a serious image problem. Beyond the stereotypes you’ll experience a country desperate to be seen for what it is, rather than what it is perceived to be. Whether you’re travelling in cities like Esfahan or Tabriz, in the Zagros Mountains of Central Iran or the deserts around Kerman, the real Iran will be revealed. It is a country where the desert glory of ancient Persepolis exists alongside the dynamic present of today’s traffic-choked Tehran. At its core you’ll discover a country of warm and fascinating people living within an ancient and sophisticated culture. Embrace Iran, and allow the Iranians to embrace you – it’s the most priceless of experiences.

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